In the Media

In the Media

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Dr. Cohen Hair Transplantation Special Report Channel 12

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Dr. Cohen interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR)

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Press Release – Dr. Ivan Cohen First in New England to Perform Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure

You Can Be Too Thin. Ask the Guys Who Pine for a Comb. The New York Times, by Matthew Purdy

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Total Skin – Dr. Cohen was the consultant for the chapter on Hair

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Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow – Town & Country Magazine

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Guidelines for Hair Transplantation in the Young Patient – Hair Transplant Forum International

Primer in Dermatologic Surgery – Dr. Cohen was the consultant for the Hair Transplantation Section

Beware of Alopecia Impostors in Women – Skin & Allergy News

The Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology
• Donor Island Harvesting for Micro- and Minigrafting
• Slit Grafting: The Use of Serrated Island Grafts in Make and Female Pattern Alopecia

Laser Dermatology & Smart Liposuction

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine

Act Two

Dr. McBean is featured in an article about Smartlipo

Educational Aesthetic Dinner

The new laser liposuction for men – Laser Lipolysis

Incorporating Medical Spa into MD Practice

Improvement in Facial Aging & Photo-damage Using Fractionated Lasers

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General and Cosmetic Dermatology

What’s Ailing You: Winter Skin Health

Community Skin Cancer Screenings – Fairfield Beach

Dermatology for Skin of Color – Dr. McBean authored the chapter on psoriasis in this definitive textbook.

Free Radical Biology & Medicine

Archives of Dermatology – Dr. Cohen authored the following articles:
• Cutaneous Toxicity of Bleomycin Therapy
• Metabolic Studies in Pustular Psoriasis
• Annulus Migrans: Identical Lesions in Pustular Psoriasis, Reiter’s Syndrome, and Geographic Tongue
• Limitations in the use of the Dermo-Jet

Total Skin – Dr. Cohen was the consultant for the chapter on Hair

Tanning Beds Dangerous – CT Post

Dermatology: A pictorial review

Combining systemic retinoids with biologic agents for moderate to severe psoriasis

Brittle versus normal fingernails

ACT 2 Magazine, Fall 2012

Dermatologic Surgery – Dr. Cohen authored a chapter on the filler “Fibrel.”