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Achieving your vision, from head to toe

Despite our best efforts leading a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise, our bodies can be stubborn. Many patients turn to us at Fairfield Dermatology whether it is the waistline that does not flatten or the resistant arm fat that remains no matter how many abdominal or triceps exercises you perform.
Our team will carefully assess and understand your goals and anatomical needs. Then we will develop a personalized, gradual approach to help you achieve the natural looking outcomes you envision.

The double chin

A double chin, also known as submental fat, is prominently located and can be difficult to hide or address naturally with diet and exercise. That explains why many of our patients turn to us for help.

One non-invasive, non-surgical option deeply heats fat cells with radiofrequency energy so your body naturally eliminates the dead cells gradually over time.
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Another is to use an injectable that dissolves the fat under the chin.
> Learn More – Kybella

A third option utilizes a micro-laser combined with local liposuction to immediately and physically remove fat.
> Learn More – SmartLipo

During your consultation, we will select the treatment or combination of services that best suits your comfort and goals. Our philosophy is to take a gradual and measured approach that leaves you feeling your best.

The waistline

For both men and women, one of the primary areas of excess fat is around the waistline. Sometimes referred to as a pot belly or love handles fat tends to concentrate in this location over time.

An effective approach to this area may utilize non-invasive heat through radiofrequency energy. Deep heating technology both reduces fat and tightens loose abdominal skin.
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Alternatively, lasering fat directly via a minimally invasive laser fiber underneath the skin, followed by gentle suctioning of the melted fat will help create the new silhouette you envision.

Other areas

You may wish to target smaller, localized pockets of fat such as the area around the bra, “bra bulges” or outer thighs sometimes referred to as “saddle bags.” Even patients at their ideal weight are dissatisfied about bulges of unwanted fat particularly when visible through clothing.

Whatever your reason for removing extra fat, we offer a simple, effective, treatment that requires no downtime (> Learn More – Trusculpt 3D) or a minimally invasive option that for more advanced results (> Learn More – SmartLipo).
Both treatments help smoothen these areas and create a more elegant overall silhouette.

While these treatments eliminate fat cells in targeted areas, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

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