Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Fairfield Dermatology we serve the diverse group of patients that make up our community between Bridgeport, Westport and beyond. In the wake of the movement for racial justice, like so many others across the country and the world, we are engaging in the process of acknowledging and learning about the necessity to bring about meaningful change in our communities and our country. This moment in time is about supporting our Black and Brown patients, staff and the Black Community at large.

Fairfield Dermatology is a small business and dermatology healthcare practice that is co-owned by a White Jewish man, a Black Christian man and a White Christian woman. We cannot each truly understand the discrimination experienced by the others. However, we will listen, do our best and be part of the solution.

Therefore, we pledge to:
1. Stand in solidarity with the Black Community now and always
2. Speak out when we see injustice
3. Empathize with the pain, fear, anxiety and anger so many are feeling
4. Listen
5. Have the courage to have the difficult conversations
6. Not tolerate intolerance from our patients, staff or providers

For our part, we have already incorporated and will continue to incorporate implicit bias training throughout our organization. We will continue working to clear our blind spots and we recognize the need to address them within ourselves first if we are committed to seeing real change in the world. Our practice is built on the principles of positivity, teamwork, responsibility, communication and respect. We will continue to strive toward these goals in support of the Black community and across all civil liberties.

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