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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating skin treatment without the use of AHA’s, BHA’s, or enzymes. Vellus hairs and dead/damaged skin cells are removed from the skin via manual exfoliation using a surgical blade to brighten dull skin. Scraping away at least two weeks’ worth of dead skin!

Dermaplaning is best recommended for patients who have:

– Acne scars
– Fine wrinkles
– Dry skin
– Sun damaged skin

Dermaplaning can help with:

– Peach fuzz hair removal
– Exfoliation of two weeks worth of dead skin
– Cell regeneration
– Increased product absorption
– Evening of tone and texture
– Fine lines

How long is the treatment and what to expect after treatment?

Dermaplaning is done as a standalone treatment or as an add-on to other procedures. The treatment is painless and will include a double cleanse, dermaplanning, and finishing products- it is roughly 20 minutes. We recommend you incorporate it into your HydraFacial or 60-minute customized facial.
There is no down time post dermaplaning! Your skin will appear instantly smoother and brighter. We advise on limiting or stopping the use of retinoids or exfoliation for a time depending on patients’ skin sensitivity- this will be discussed with your aesthetician.


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