Laser Center

Laser center

Customized strategies to keep you looking and feeling your best

Striving for a natural appearance that inspires confidence is an art. At Fairfield Dermatology we focus on your objectives to help you develop a refreshed skin tone and smooth skin texture, healthy appearance and shape. We can help you bring out your best.

We believe the most successful antiaging strategies are highly customized. By choosing the most conservative treatment plan to achieve natural-looking outcomes, we can help you look and feel your best.

We consider these three phases in our approach:

Preventative maintenance 20s and 30s
Combination of prevention and correction 40s and 50s
Positive aging and correction 60s and beyond

With over 15 various lasers, light and energy-based solutions, we at Fairfield Dermatology are equipped to help you with all your skincare needs. During your consultation with Dr. Cohen, Dr. McBean and Dr. Smith as well as our highly trained and board certified clinicians together, we will devise a treatment plan that may range from unwanted hair to unwanted fat to suit your concerns.

We offer the flexibility and effectiveness of non-invasive laser and energy-based treatments as well as more advanced solutions to correct and reverse more advanced signs of aging.