Brown Spot Removal

Brown Spots Removal

Laser : Brown Spot removal – Before: 68 year old female presented with sun spots on her hands –
After: Two targeted laser treatments eliminated her brown spots in time for her granddaughter’s graduation

What are brown spots?

Brown spots (age spots, freckles, lentigos, and liver spots) are areas of exaggerated pigmentation.  These areas may be due to various conditions including birthmarks, sun exposure and aging. Lasers treat these conditions by selectively targeting the cells that contain pigment without scarring or damaging the surrounding skin.

What areas respond well to this type of laser?

Small brown areas, such as age spots on the face or back of the hands, respond well to treatment.  In addition, diffuse larger brown spots, such as those on the chest, arms and legs also respond well to this type of laser treatment.

How long do the results last?

Brown spot removal is permanent, however new areas may develop as aging and sun exposure continue.

Does the procedure hurt?

Mild discomfort can be anticipated.  A brief, small stinging sensation may be experienced.

When will I see results?

Once treated, scabs will develop over the treatment areas.  These scabs or crusts may take 3 to 14 days to resolve leaving clear, pigment free skin.



For several years, I’ve felt like the brown spots on my hands made me look older than I am.  My left hand was particularly bad from the sun exposure I had gotten from golfing.  I had the spots zapped (which didn’t hurt at all!) and I had little scabs for about a week.  Once the scabs fell off, the spots went away – I feel so much better now that they’re gone!  I would recommend this procedure without reservation to friends and family.