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Customized strategies to keep you looking and feeling your best

Striving for a natural appearance that inspires confidence is an art. At Fairfield Dermatology we focus on your objectives to help you develop a refreshed skin tone and smooth skin texture, healthy appearance and shape. We can help you bring out your best.

We believe the most successful antiaging strategies are highly customized. By choosing the most conservative treatment plan to achieve natural-looking outcomes, we can help you look and feel your best.

We consider these three phases in our approach:

Preventative maintenance 20s and 30s
Combination of prevention and correction 40s and 50s
Positive aging and correction 60s and beyond

In your 20s and 30s initiating simple lifelong habits and routines that involve preventative characteristics will prolong a youthful appearance and help prevent the development of fine lines and age spots. Our primary objective at this phase is to help you become acquainted with individualized products such as high-quality sunscreens and retinols that will be useful to you in prevention or “pre-juvenation.”

Over time, individuals in their 40s and 50s may start to notice fine lines due to the slowing down of collagen and elastin production, uneven skin complexion or skin tone. The objective at this phase involves combining prevention and correction. Antioxidants and retinoids may become mainstays of the routine during this period.

The correction phase characteristic of people 60s and beyond may require richer moisturizing products to aid in replenishing moisture. For others, loss of elasticity around the eyes or neck may call for location specific solutions.

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At this stage, we address any early signs of fine lines with neuromodulators. It’s also important to offset early changes to collagen and elastin by implementing treatments that stimulate collagen production or boost the skin’s elasticity. We may also turn to microinjections to improve the skin’s smoothness and hydration.

Regardless, this is a thoughtful and conservative way to familiarize yourself with the potential of cosmetic dermatology without urgency or pressure.

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