I can only comment at this time about the transplant procedure itself, not the results, which will not be noticeable for 3 months. The actual experience was akin to a spa treatment. The “surgery” room was very comfortable. The table had an amazingly comfortable foam mattress with an equally comfortable gel head rest. The staff had laid out various delicious snacks and water next to the surgery table. Prior to the surgery date, Deanne made sure I understood what to expect and Dr. Cohen had estimated the amount of work and given me a price. When, during the procedure, Dr. Cohen determined that I needed more work than he had estimated, he used all the follicles available without charging me more for the additional work. The surgery itself was completely painless, as he numbed me with local anesthetic. I was so well informed and prepared for what to expect that I felt as if I had been for a spa treatment instead of surgery. Dr. Cohen followed up with a phone call the same evening. I felt completely taken care of by his staff and by Dr. Cohen. Now it remains to be seen what the results will be three months from now.