At my initial consultation, Dr. Cohen drew a hairline, recommending what could be done. He is truly an artist as he knows how one’s hair will come in. He wants it to appear natural. His whole manner was comforting and knowledgeable. The day of the procedure, I was well versed, having watching dozens of videos online. Fortunately, Dr. Cohen’s team reassured me of how each step would go. There were no surprises. The procedure was amazingly painless. And because of the four hours it required, I lay on a very comfortable form-fitting mattress with occasional breaks for snacks or the bathroom. It went by quickly. When I was done, they gave me a shot of cortisone to help reduce any potential swelling and was told to massage my forehead. As a result, I had no issues at all. They told me to use ice and to expect a numbness which could last several weeks or so. I was back at work several days later and it wasn’t noticeable to anyone except me. I am now waiting for the true results to occur which I’m told would happen in the next 4-6 months. The whole experience couldn’t have gone better. And Dr Cohen is one of the best out there.