I have seen Dr. Smith several times and I can not recommend her more highly! She is very relatable, patient, and conservative in her prescriptions. I have gone for both body scans and some light facial “improvements”, being 46 and wanting to maximize/extend my “youthful glow” 🙂 but not into and a little scared of heavy Botox or fillers, etc.
What I love most about her is that she is thoughtful, light-handed (meaning, she is a Dr. of Dermatology first, and a cosmetic practitioner second so she’s not pushing any procedure or treatments at all. In fact, she assessed one of my requests and determined that I did not need the extra cosmetic filler I was considering, as she gave me a very honest and thoughtful professional opinion and I took her advice and am very happy I did.) If you are looking for someone who is careful, patient and kind, this is your person! Love her.